Vietnam 1993/2013

The fast pace development due to Vietnams goal to become an industrial nation in 2020

( Doi Moi ), goes along with strong visible changes of infrastructure.
Progression in economy has made a strong decrease in poverty.
Still the rural society though, lives mostly at poverty level.
The gap between rich and poor gets wider and shows well in urban environments.
In search for these changes, I have tried to revisit places and viewpoints,
where I had taken large format photos 20 years ago.
Easy to find, was the restauant givral. It is still in the chic district no. 1 in Saigon.
In wartime, Givral was the place to meet international journalists and famous people like Tim Page, german photo-journalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Horst Faas, Graham Greene.
Givral is a symbol of the old Saigon.

Accelerating urbanization can be seen also dramatically, at how the view has changed
at Saigon River.
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ho chi minh city, saigon river, 2013


ho chi minh city, saigon river, 2013


One Direction, Studio, 2012


ho chi minh city, Restaurant Givral 2013